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The BrightMOO Cursor and Context Menu

There are two ways to create objects in BrightMOO:

  1. Cursor types
  2. Keyboard shortcuts.
  3. The context menu.
  Most graphical interaction in BrightMOO involves one of four client modes:  
Use the hand cursor to manipulate objects.   Use the magnifying glass cursor to examine objects.
Use the arrow cursor to move around and between rooms.   The lightning bolt cursor indicates that an object can be activated.

You can switch between client modes by using the context menu described below. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • <SHIFT>+<RIGHT-CLICK>: holding down the shift key while you right-click cycles through client modes
  • .<CTRL>: holding down the contol key puts the client in move mode, no matter what the cursor is hovering over.
  • <RIGHT-CLICK>: right-clicking on an object raises the context menu described below:
1.) The name field. The object's name or draw_title (if set) is displayed here, as is the object's database number. Clicking here will activate the object's default verb.
2.) Clicking here launches a MacMoose Browser window that allows you to view the object's verbs and properties.
3.) Click here to switch between client modes.
4.) The verb field lists commonly used verbs on the object. Verbs can be added or removed from this field by editing the object's draw_menu_verbs property.
5.) Clicking here closes the context menu.
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