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The BrightMOO Interface

The Main BrightMOO Window
1.) The title bar of the main window displays the name of the room you are in.
2.) Clicking on the shoe icon switches between explore mode and edit mode.
3.) Clicking on the compass (move), the magnifying glass (look), or the hand (get) icon determines what action the left mouse button performs. Alternatively you can click the right mouse button to toggle between these actions.
4.) This is the input window. Notice that spoken text is displayed in green and emotes are displayed in blue. The input window can be resized or moved outside of the main window.
5.) This is your character. Moving the mouse over your character or another clickable object will display that object's name (or title). Note: landscape features that are not unique MOO objects cannot be selected.
6.) Clicking the recycle view icon will cause the main window's graphics to recycle. This feature is useful if your character happens on a broken exit, or if you have changed a property such as an object's draw title.
7.) This is the text window. Any text commands you enter here will be transmitted to the server. You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the commands you have typed.
8.) This is the who button. It is currently not enabled.
9.) This is the information button. Clicking it brings up a MacMOOSE browser window.
10.) This is the input window button. Clicking it toggles the input window. It will flash red when the client recieves new lines of text from the server.
11.) This is the inventory button. Clicking it brings up your character's inventory window. It will flash red when an object enters or leaves leaves your player's inventory.
12.) Clicking on the connection button launchesBrightMOO's connection window.
13.) This is the settings button. Clicking it will bring up BrightMOO's settings window.
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