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BrightMOO Updates
  • Fixed bug that would prevent characters from appearing when they set their avatars to non-animated images
  • Fixed bug that would allow for a telnet client buffer overflow and a client crash. If the telnet buffer overflows, the user will now see messages indicating this in the output window
  • Fixed bug with inventory window to make it resize properly
  • Fixed bug that would let you drag things in the inventory window while in that window's 'look' mode
  • Fixed bug in inventory window that prevented icons from rearranging themselves automatically
  • Modified how users switch client modes. Previously, users could right-click to switch client modes. Now a right-click raises a context menu, but users can still use <SHIFT>+<RIGHT-CLICK> to change client modes.
  • Added context menu to client. <RIGHT-CLICK> to raise this menu
  • Added context menu feature to list verbs indicated by the object's owner. User can select these verbs from the context menu and have the server execute them.
  • Added default verb feature: if players click an object in explore mode, the client will call that object's default verb
  • Added <CTRL> key support while in explore mode. Holding down <CTRL> will put the client in always move mode.
  • Added context menu to inventory window
  • Revisted way in which "look" is handled
  • Added room previews to the look window
  • Added "free-look." Users can now use the arrow keys to move the client landscape and view other parts of the room they are in.
  • Added "Say mode." When engaged, everything that is not pre-appended with a "/" gets sent to the server as a "say." Pre-append commands with a "/" to have them sent to the server normally. Say mode is not engaged by default, but if the user engages it, the client will remember the setting.
  • Lower-right status box now displays an object's default verb ("i.e., Look at sylvester") when the user hovers the mouse over that object.
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