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Describing Objects with BrightMOO

There are three ways to describe objects in BrightMOO:

  1. Using the @describe command line.
  2. Using the @describe command and a mcp editing window.
  3. Using BrightMOO's graphical interface.

In addition, this tutorial describes how to change the image associated with an object.

  As in traditional MOOs, you can describe objects from the command line by using the @describe command. The command's syntax is:  
       @describe <object> as <"description">  
  For example to describe an object named box as "short and square," you type:  
       @describe box as "short and square"  
  If successful, the server will return the following message:  
       Description set.  
  To use a mcp window to describe an object type the following:  
       @describe <object>  
  Doing so will launch a mcp window. BrightMOO mcp windows have six parts, many of which are similar to those found in other windows-based applications:  
BrightMOO mcp window example 1.) The title bar displays the object's name (box), its id number (#426), and the property you are editing (.description).
2.) The file menu.
3.) The edit menu.
4.) The cursor's position.
5.) The text field. Type the object's description here.
  6.) Click update to send the object's description to the server. Click close to exit.
  7.) If the property is updated successfully, the client will display a green property changed message in the lower left hand corner of the mcp window and in the input window.  
  To describe an object with the BrightMOO interface, chose the magnifying glass icon, and then click on the object you want to describe. Doing so will open a description window:  
  1.) The title bar displays the name of the object.  
2.) The object's description is displayed in the text field. Double click on the image to change it (see below).
3.) The image window shows the image the object is associated with.
4.) The push pin icon fastens the description window to BrightMOO's main window.
5.) The clipboard icon opens a mcp window with which you can edit the object's description (see above).
6.) The information icon launces a MacMOOSE browser window.
  Double Clicking on an object's image in a description window will launch an image selection window:  
1.) Double clicking on the file folders allows you to browse between availible images.
2.) You can select an image by double clicking on it.
3.) Click select to change the image associated with the object to the one you have chosen. Click cancel to exit the window.
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